Market Sectors

Conference centres and Hotels

Conference centres, sound systems & background music systems

  • Compact Sound Systems (Fully installed or portable)
  • Plasma and LCD screens
  • Fixed and portable projector screens
  • Lecterns and Lectern microphones
  • A wide range of wireless microphones systems
  • Projectors, CD and DVD players
  • Staging
  • Multi-channel conference microphone systems
  • Induction loop systems
  • Table top microphones
  • Background music systems
  • Multi-zone PA systems
  • 100 volt line paging system
  • AV mixers and cameras

Houses of worship

 sound systems for churches and houses of worship

  • Self - contained PA systems
  • High powered Sound systems for large auditoriums
  • Delay systems and on-stage monitors
  • Large format mixing consoles and signal processors
  • Multiple wireless microphone systems
  • Hanging and fixed choir microphones
  • Front and rear projection screens
  • A wide range of professional projectors
  • Plasma and LCD screens
  • AV mixers and cameras
  • CD and DVD duplication systems
  • Lecterns and lectern microphones
  • Colour coded speakers
  • Recorders and editing tools
  • Induction loop systems
  • Comprehensive on-going training
  • Stage lighting system
  • Service and maintenance agreements
  • Whatever your requirements, our design team will create an individual solution that is tailored to suit your venue, ensuring that you are able to deliver your message clearly and effectively.

Bars Night Clubs & Restaurants

Sound systems for clubs and bars

Efficient Sound reproduction and dazzling, effective lighting are the key ingredients in today's modern entertainment venues and restaurants, in the long run surpassing even the importance of decor in ensuring the longevity and ultimate success of your venue.

  • Some of the essential products and services we provide include:-
  • Multi-zone PA systems
  • Intelligent lighting, moving heads and scanners
  • Effect lighting and smoke machines
  • LED lighting
  • Bespoke PA system design
  • Wide range of DJ equipment
  • Staging
  • Noise limiter systems
  • Mixing consoles and signal processors
  • Amplifiers, active and passive loudspeakers
  • Full training
  • Long term maintenance agreements and back-up
  • Background music systems

Health & Fitness Centres

AV or audio visual for fitness centres

High quality, integrated Sound & AV systems have become an intrinsic element of modern day Health & Fitness clubs and Aerobic studios.
From compact, portable PA systems for aerobic instruction to complex multi-functional AV solutions, our design team are able to create individual solutions tailored to meet your exact requirements. Only the highest quality products are specified due to the often-harsh operating environment, with various water-resistant components included near pool areas and humid sectors of the complex.

We specialize in multiple flat screen distribution systems as well as multiple input headphone music systems to further enhance any tough training work-out!

Our products and services include:


  • Wireless microphones
  • Induction loop systems
  • 100 volt line paging systems
  • Plasma & LCD screens
  • Projectors and Video Matrix distribution
  • Headphone distribution systems
  • LED effect lighting
  • CD and DVD players
  • Multi-zone sound systems
  • Custom equipment racks
  • Discreet installation
  • On-going training and maintenance
  • Portable aerobic PA systems

Schools & Theaters

audio visual services for schools and education

Audio visual for schools and education

With today's advances in Audio & lighting technology, School productions and events have now become a key factor in developing the talents and skills of the sound and lighting engineers of the future!

Here at London Audio we understand the importance in providing practical solutions to your Schools' requirements from portable, rack-mounted sound systems to full blown multi-channel stage lighting systems. We can supply basic sound systems suitable for School assemblies and sports events as well as larger fixed sound systems to cater for drama and music productions.

Comprehensive training is always provided to both students and staff on basic operation of audio and lighting mixing desks, wireless microphones, DJ equipment etc, to ensure the optimum performance of your system and make every production a roaring success!
We supply a wide range of Professional Sound, Lighting and AV equipment for main assembly halls, music rooms, school theatres as well as for applications in the classroom.

Our product and services include:

  • Portable and fixed Sound Systems
  • Wireless microphone systems
  • Theatre, stage & effect lighting
  • Projector screens
  • LCD & Plasma screens
  • Projectors, AV mixers and editing tools
  • 100 volt line outdoor systems
  • Induction loop systems
  • Comprehensive training
  • CD & DVD players
  • Audio and lighting mixing consoles

Office Retail outlets & Commercial Premises

Commercial sound systems and background music systems

London Audio Ltd supply and install a wide range of commercial PA equipment specially designed for both office and commercial premises. From background zoned music systems to 100 volt line paging systems we can design a bespoke package to meet your exact requirements. Incorporating equipment such as ceiling mount and flat panel speakers we are able to provide efficient solutions whilst minimizing any effect on the aesthetic quality of your premises. A range of colour coded speakers can be provided to blend with the decor of any high street retail outlet or office environment whilst still providing excellent sound reproduction and clarity.

Services and products we provide include:

  • Paging systems
  • Background music systems
  • Wireless microphones
  • 100 volt line commercial PA systems
  • Zoning amplifiers
  • Ceiling mount and colour coded speakers
  • Plasma and LCD screens
  • Noise limiter systems
  • Induction loop system

Sound Equipment Installation

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